Jinn Or Pari Ko Kabu Mein Karne Ka Amal

Jinn Or Pari Ko Kabu Mein Karne Ka Amal

Jinn Or Pari Ko Kabu Mein Karne Ka Amal  , ” 11, 11 martaba Durood e Paak aur darmiyan mein 1000 baar  Shareef yani Surah Naqsh padhein.  jinnat ko hasil karna bhot ze logo ka maksad hota hai par lakh koshish karne ke undesirable bhi ap usse hasil nhi kar pate….

Amal karne ke pehle ki tayyari-
Amal karne ze pehle kuch chize bhot jaruri hoti amal karne ke liye koi esi jagah chahiye jaha par koi apko distrb na kare yane esi jagah jaha par koi jata ata na ho ya fir ghar ka koi khali kamra…


Amal karne ka tarika–
Sabse pahle ek churi par ayatkursi padha kar dam kare tend to be or us churi ze apne baju me circle karke hissar bana le…
Uske undesirable ap hissar ke andr bethe apke samne loban jalaye as well as apke baju me koi khushbu wala phool rakhe …
Uske undesirable sarah-jinn 40 pub padhe bina ruke esa hi amal lagatar 21 years old din tak kare….
Or even yaad rakhe ek hi samay or ek time par ye amal karna jaruri hota hai jyada tar rat 12 bje ke undesirable amal shuru kare…..
21ve din jinn apke samne hazir ho jayenga people waqt bina ghabraye work with salam kare ….
Or even fir bad me use apna kaam bole…..

Otherworldly routine with regards to Surah Fatiha is the intense wazifa to call pixie/pixies. On new moon’s sunday, wednesday or thursday wash up, wear clean garments, apply some fragrance and sit in an isolates put close to a lake or ocean. Keep 2 chapatis and 2 laddoos with you. Consume light of shoe. Influence a security to hover of Surah Yaseen and Aayat al Kursi and sit at a settled place in it day by day. Ordinary keep new chapatis, laddoos and bloom wreath inside the security circle.

At that point recount Surah Fatiha 1000 times alongside Durood-e-Shareef 11 times prior and then afterward. Do this day by day. While doing this training on the off chance that you see a few faces at that point don’t get frightened in light of the fact that nothing can come inside that circle. On the off chance that pixies request something from that kept inside the hover then in the wake of finishing recitation of 1000 times give them from inside the circle itself generally subsequent to completing the training eat it yourself.

Inside 7, 14, 21 or 41 days on any night 4 lovely pixies will talk with the amil. Be that as it may, the amil must finish his recitation of 1000 times previously conversing with them. After this he can appoint his work to them and amil ought to likewise solicit them the technique from calling them once more. These pixies don’t inconvenience the amil. After they come in his ownership , all the four pixies will be in a battle to wed him. Be that as it may, on the off chance that he weds any of them, the rest others will progress toward becoming foes of his life. Thus, it is just better not to wed with any of them.


1) This wazifa will be viable just when:

The Quranic verses, duas and wazaif are perused with rectify pronounciation as per arabic guidelines of recounting Quran.

Performed with finish confidence on God-like ALLAH.

The individuals who don’t know to peruse Quran/Duas with redress pronounciation mercifully take in it from a muallim/muallima. Tap on this connection for Online Quran learning and interpretation.

2) The individuals who need to wind up plainly an amil of this wazifa get in touch with us

3) Even in the wake of playing out this amal on the off chance that somebody isn’t getting achievement at that point contact us.You can likewise gather Talisman/Islamic seals for the arrangement of your concern.

In sha ALLAH A’zzawajal with the assistance of Special necklace/Islamic seals results will be quicker. Every one of these special necklaces/seals will be as per Quran and Hadith.

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