Shadi Mein Rukawat Door Karne Ka Wazifa

Shadi Mein Rukawat Door Karne Ka Wazifa

Shadi Mein Rukawat Door Karne Ka Wazifa, “Whether the marriage of the boy or the girl does not come to pass or the obstacles are born or if the relation is broken after the relation is established, then it should be done that in the Saad, by writing this prayer from Zafaran, Or hang in the neck of the girl Insha Allah will be the proof of the relationship and relation of relationship with Gabe. Transfer the wax properly to the talisman or to wrap the parchment thoroughly in the plastic so that the water of sweat or gulas should not be there.

When the talisms are deposited in the wax or wrapped well in the plastic, there is no harm in going inside eating food or eating food. These talisman may be studying in the throat till this time till they go unnoticed and married. After marriage, the talisman should be thrown into the running water, and a few shadows are made on the fauces.

Kuch wood dushmani ki wajah se ya kisi aur wajah se larkio ke rishto ki bundish kar dete hain ya karwa dete hain effect ye hota hai ke unke rishte ana bund ho jate hain aur unki shadi ki umrain nikal jati hain. Alhumdulilah is amal ko aisy khawateen for each bhi azmaya gaya hai jo ke kafi arse se shadi ka intizar me personally borhi ho rahi thien. Arabi mahine ke start off ke pehle 15 dino me personally juma ke din start off karien behtar yahi hai ke pehle juma ko start off kiya jaye. Pehle juma ke din me personally 21 dafa Surah juma parhain aur start off aur end me personally 11 dafa Durood Sharif parhain aur Allah swt se achay Rishte ki dua karain aur aisa 3 Juma tak karain.


If talisman is for the man then play


Should write these till the end.


Note: At the time of writing Dua Majakura, keep in mind that the ones who are open eyes should remain open for example.

Etcetera When the talisman mazakura is to be given to a non-Muslim, then this map should be given in the Surat.

For boy
It is also special for the import and export of the Nakakhdhada bakht Khwaida, which can be used for boys too. The shouting will not be complete once the talisman has come, that the match of the GAB will be complete. These talisms will also be written by Zafar in Saat Saad.


Note: – If the Zafaran or Mushq is not dastiyab, then you can write with any censure.


Note: – If this talisman has to give it to a non-Muslim, then instead of doing so, the names will be given with the name of the imposing mascara.


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