Taweez to Increase Rizq


Taweez to Increase Rizq , ” It is the endowment of Allah which is given just by asking him through petition. After each namaz a man should go to Allah for the development in sustenance other than this. Whose compensation is stop he require increment in his compensation so therefore this Taweez to Expand Rizq is outstandingly important.

Taweez to Build Rizq

Keep this tawees in your pocket/purse for 41 days. Recount surah Muzammil 41 times after Fajar salat (namaz) for 41 days. On the 41st day blend the taweez in bundle of flour (Afta) and place it in sea or well. Inshallah soon you will see the preferred standpoint.

Taweez to Dispose of Neediness


Aaj kal mehngai ka dor hai, her insnan chahta hai k us ki amdani zada ho jaye ta k wo zaroriyat zindagi ko asani sey pora ker sakey, ager aap apni tankhwa men izafa chahtey han, ya amdani ko barhan chahtey han tu .

Taweez to Expand Rizq

Is taweez ko print ker k galey men pahen len ya apney jaib men rakhen aur is k sath hello, Fajar ki namaz k baad 41 bar Surh Muzammil , awal o akhir 3 bar darood ibrahimi k sath pher ker dua karen, 41 clamor k baad taeez ko Aatey men gondh ker dariya ya samander men dal nook,

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