wazifa for dushman enemy

wazifa for dushman enemy

wazifa for dushman enemy , “if your adversary keeps disturbing you or he is not purging your home or arrive or whatever other propety ,around evening time describe sura asar on 7 bits of solid salt and place it in fire attempting to state his name and in case you do it at asar time it would be amazingly suitable and he will soon stop alarming you.

Take a leamon and place it before you and now at night time after nightfall discuss sura inaatina for 1000 times and after every 100 times blow it on the lemon saying your foes name ,do this for 21 days and afterward toss the leamon in a well.your adversary will be devastated.

To discard your adversary get a handfull of clean from where four ways get together and show sura feel for 71 times for 71 days and a short time later hurl the clean in his home or give him in sustenance or drink,while dazzling expend dim peeper and put something unforgiving in your mouth.

dushman se nijat k liye wazifa(to dispose of your foe)

Sit on the sand and talk about sura hasher last 5 verses for 21 times and with your finger point towards north,east,west,south,then make a security drift around you and your adversary won’t find you.

For affirmation of your children,wealth and everything prophet said just describe this above verse 3 times in day and at dusk and you ought to remain guaranteed and no one can hurt you.it is short however review competent wazifa for security of your wealth and your children.

dushman se bachne ka wazifa:

To finish your adversary sit tight for the last dates of the moon most in a perfect world 26,27,28.now make a puppet or a voodoo doll of your foe and examine sura lahab on it on seven needles 21 times each and put them in your place of your foes heart.now burry this doll amidst two graves.you are by and large done he will be obliterated.

Relate the above mantra for allure of your most exceedingly terrible foe and take his pic andrecite this for 313 times and blow it on your shoes and hit the photograph so gravely that it tears up ,you will get your pined for results in 2 weeks.before this give a yield of 2 dim hen of kalis name.


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